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Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans

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Green coffee beans are used for fat loss...It is considered the best for weight loss...100% pure natural & vegetarian..loaded with antioxidants..makes you feel energetic..detoxify liver and body...helps reduce sugar cravings...

Recommended Usage:

soak 25 gm of green coffee beans overnight in 300ml day stir the water with beans..put it on the stove and bring it to boil..then reduce the heat and slimmer about 15 minutes over low heat...stir occasionally..remove it from heat and let it cool for one hour..then pour throught a sieve and and the beans..The coffee drink you have received might be strong so try it first and dilute with water...if needed..The green coffee is now ready to might want to refine it with sugar..honey and per your liking...


1 cup 30 minutes before breakfast and one cup 30 minutes before dinner...




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